Who Sings It Better? Patience by Chris Cornell

Grab a Kleenex, cause if you're a blubberer, this one is gonna get you! In 2016, a year before his death, Chris Cornell was in the studio noodling around between takes and showing his kids how to play Patience. Dab. Already I'm getting that little heart pang picturing the Soundgarden rocker who stands before millions of screaming fans, acoustic in hand strumming out a tune for his daughter Toni who was a GnR fan. It sounded so good he decided to press record and capture the moment in the studio as a tribute to Guns announcing they would tour again. His widow, Vicki thought it was a good time to send it out to the fans on what would have been Chris' 56th birthday this week. Her message: A man is not dead while his name is still spoken, and through his art his soul still burns as bright upon all those that look to him and his memory. Dab, dab, sniff. New Kleenex.

His daughter Lily Cornell Silver honored her father by announcing she would begin an Instagram TV Show called "Mind Wide Open" to give more sunlight to the sadness and mental health struggles we're living through now.

As for who sings it better? I could listen to Chris Cornell sing Polka and be moved by it. Hopefully, the band and Chris' widow will work it out soon so we can hear the rest of what he was doing in that studio that day in 2016.