Recipe For Goat's Head Soup---Add a Dollop of Jimmy Page, Then Stir

Mick Jagger is so good to us, huh? While we wait for God knows how long for the chance to glom together into overpriced concert seats and sweat and sing along loudly to "Satisfaction" we still can't get no....But Jagger got out his giant iron keys and unlocked the dungeon where he keeps the old masters of the Stones recording sessions. Had the servants fetch the 24 track tape machine and replayed the sessions from the making of 1970's Goat's Head Soup. At the end of the tape he found a song called "Scarlett" where Ron Wood and Keith Richards had invited Jimmy Page to crash the party and bring his guitar. This latest release is what transpired (at least on tape) in that basement. It's a pretty solid jam, I admit. But I'm still miffed that I can't go to that show and sit in the 10th row seats I bought for what amounts to several car payments. Butthurt doesn't describe it. I'm torn between wanting my money back and regretting it a year down the road. So, I'll do what I always do in situations like these where I can't decide and am afraid to pull the plug. Nothing. Keep 'em coming, Mick. We love the teaser tunage. And we love imagining how mega that basement bash at Ron Wood's place must've been.