Whitesnake's David Coverdale Unboxes 'The Rock Album'

For any of you reading this who have kids, you are well aware of unboxing videos. For those of you unaware, YouTube has made lots of money for people who will sit at a table and methodically open a package to reveal the latest video game, toy or other latest trendy thing. These things will get millions of views and in turn make loads of cash for the 'unboxer'...welcome to 2020.

Enter David Coverdale who's choosing to get into the unboxing game by revealing The Rock Album, a collection of your favorite hard driving Whitesnake tunes. Trudi Daniels and I talked to Mr. Coverdale a few weeks back and he couldn't be more charming and funny.

And THAT voice!...If he's looking to pick up a few million extra dollars he could start a YouTube channel where he's reading bedtime stories. How can I subscribe?

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