Joe Dirt Turns 56

David Spade turning 56 today, which means it's also Joe Dirt's birthday. The film (yes i think of it as film) may seem like a comedy, but if you watch it carefully, it's a story about overcoming bullies and prejudice, surviving abandonment and keeping a good thought: "Life's a garden, dig it!" Funny that the movie was met with the same sneer most of the characters leveled towards Joe. Rotten Tomato's Critics' appraisal, " If you fall within the target audience of Joe Dirt, you may find it funny." Some of us loved it, enough for it to bank $31 million at the theaters. It also boasts a kick-ass soundtrack, a cameo with Kid Rock as Robbie and Christopher Walken who's always good for a weird plot twist. Enjoy the teaser segment at the fireworks stand when Joe meets Kicking Wing and provides the sage business advice that turns his "Snakes and Sparklers" stand into an empire.