JIMMY PAGE Says It's Unlikely' LED ZEPPELIN Will Play Again In The Future

Asked if LED ZEPPELIN could ever hit the road again, referencing Mick Jagger's comment that he was "so disappointed" that ZEPPELIN didn't go on tour after a one-off 2007 reunion show at The O2 in London,Page said, according toNME: "At the time of The O2, we thought — myself,John Paul Jones and Jason[Bonham] — that there was going to… it was said that there were gonna be some more dates. It would've been really good to have done that after the O2, 'cause we'd put a lot of work into The O2 and we were really on it, y'know? But it didn't come off."

Page added: "It seems really unlikely that there would be a tour in the future. Unlike THE ROLLING STONES, they do sort of know that the fans love that — also I know that with LED ZEPPELIN[fans too]. But it doesn't look as though there’s anything in the future,