Back in Black is 40!!

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of a pivotal album, 'Back In Black'. It was released in 1980 by an AC DC stricken by the loss of their audacious frontman, Bon Scott. How would they ever regain the amplitude they'd achieved on the last album with Bon, 'Highway to Hell'? Well. Looking back on it from now it seems like it was such an easy fit, finding and slotting Brian Johnson into the frontman role. The band produced a series of short vignettes, The Story Of Back in Black to celebrate the release of the groundbreaking album. The first episode begins with the making of 'You Shook Me All Night Long' as narrated by Johnson about the first lyrics he brought to the band. Never seen the footage of Angus and Malcom sitting together fiddling around on their guitars trying to work out the song. Epic. Small doses, but great content.