Kurt's Other Gear Also Banks Big Bucks

It's not like a distortion pedal is a new thing, it was invented, or so Jimmy Page says, back when he was finding a voice for his guitar with Led Zeppelin. Page, who's probably forgotten more sessions with bands he's plugged in with than most musicians can ever claim, asked a guitar geek buddy how to sustain guitar distortion because up til then amplifiers didn't have master volume controls. Before the invention of the distortion pedal, some of the pioneers in rock created that distorted guitar sound by poking a hole through the cone in their speakers. But Page's tech wizard came back with a box that plugged in and had an easily kickable toggle switch. It's one of those that Kurt Cobain used heavily to create and perfect the grunge sound of Nirvana, especially in the track Territorial Pissings from Nevermind. We all heard that his guitar from the MTV Unplugged Sessions sold at auction for $6M, but the distortion pedal that is so pivotal to that sound also sold that day. Comes with the original red duct tape to secure it's position on the stage while Nirvana were on the Nevermind Tour. Submitted by a fan who was at one of those shows and had the good fortune to be close enough to the stage when Cobain smashed the pedal and flung it out into the audience. Good catch, worth a hefty $9000.