Bat-nastic!!! The Overproliferation Of Movie Batmen!!

When I saw the story that Michael Keaton was being re-tapped to play Batman AGAIN I had a batnastic reaction. Bats aren't actually so cool anymore since they're getting blamed for carrying Covid, and besides--how many flippin Batmen do we need? We're several batmen removed from my favorite version in The Dark Knight, and it wasn't even so much Christian Bale as Heath Ledger as the Joker that had me all in on that Bat version of Gotham City's woes. Anyway, it looks like there's a super hero multiverse that's thirsty for Batmen, so with Robert Pattinson playing a future Batman in some future world where we can see movies again, Keaton will dust off his Bruce Wayne in Vain so DC Comics can introduce The Flash. Apparently they need an old Batman to teach the newbie superhero and hey, what else sells tickets but these superhero flicks. So same Bat Time Same Bat Station, the Bat Light goes out again. Q1 2021.