Smells Like Bandanna

Every rose has a thorn and every Brett Michaels candle smells like money to one of the most merched guys south of Gene Simmons. As yet, no Poison Caskets, I checked. The frontman of Poison has a very diverse collection of BM things. From doggie clothes that rock to candles that rock to as the video will snarl at you "everything Brett Michaels" that rocks. The You Tube pitch for Bandanna Banana or Roses and Thorns candles exclusively Brett, is not a joke, though I thought it was when I first saw it. Anyway, they've got to smell better and aren't as awkwardly named as a Gwyneth Paltrow candle. Just Sayin'!! Oh, BTW, the Stadium Tour with Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Joan Jett? Rescheduled to July 10, 2021. Which I'm sure you'll find Brett Michaels merchandise for any day now!