Get To the Point And Jobbie Nooner

I grew up depending on centrifugal forces to keep from flinging my 50 pound body out of the last car of the Blue Streak back in the early days of Cedar Point. I've seen it evolve into a world class coaster park taking on bigger and better attractions bringing more and more coaster thrillseekers to Sandusky, Ohio from all over the world. But the thrill of the park this year, will be different. Cedar Point just announced it's season opener for July 9th. Like everything we used to love, it's a staggered re-entry. Season pass holders of Gold and Platinum denominations will be first in line. If there are gonna be lines. I hated waiting in lines there, but what will it be like without. The Point people would have you check out their website for details of who can go and when at As for Jobbie Nooner??? Game on June 26th off of Gull Island. St Clair County Sheriff's deputies will try to encourage social distancing. Pah!!! Boats,beer, bikini's and what's the other B here I'm forgetting?? All they can do is what they say every year: Keeping People at the Jobbie Nooner, which claims to be the world's biggest boat party, alive. But SO ALIVE!!!