Kiss'Gene Simmons Favorite Things Include Bed Head and A Tongue Cleaner

When I was a teenage girl, I loved the pure dangerousness of KISS. They were monsters who PLAYED ROCK!!!! In fact, they 'Rock N Rolled All Night and Partied EVERYDAY' ! It was a dream for a bored girl growing up in Sandusky, Ohio. My friend Beth McKenna and I went to their show at the Toledo Sports Arena, one of those crusty old rock venues that played host to all of the bands I loved. I saw Queen there, Mott the Hoople, Judas Priest (their light set up caused a dramatic power outage for about 45 minutes during the show), and countless other rock bands, several of them making me suffer through the Dennis De Young fronted Styx as openers. That digression aside, KISS was a concentrated jolt of pyro technic energy and to this day I can flash back to the image of being close enough to the front row to see Gene roll out his demonic tongue dripping blood in his straight out of hell black and silver strapped costume. We got our money's worth, all $15 worth.

Smash Cut to today. Gene writes an article touting his favorite things in New York Magazine. It's certainly a diversion from our troublesome world lately. Check it out here: Among the things he can't live without? A Tongue Cleaner of course, which seems gratuitous until you realize Gene's right, it gives you fresher breath. And Bed Head Hard Hold by Tigi, something girls have celebrated for years as a must have go-to hair spray for when you need that rock star hair!!! Anyway, hope you enjoy Gene's favorite things.