Peart Pavillion in the Port Where Peart Grew Up

For a guy who brought the thunder like no other, Neil Peart's hometown St Catherine's, Ontario seems far too quiet. But there was, for them, quite a ruckus this week when they dedicated a pavilion in the park in the Port Dalhousie part of St Catherine's to their favorite son, officially Peart Pavillion now. I think it would be cool if they renamed it Peart Port, but it would throw off the sea captains, so it remains Port Dalhousie, whoever that weirdo was. Neil wrote quite a bit, he was a storyteller of epic proportions in the mystical lyrics of Rush songs including one about where he used to hang entitled, Lakeside Park. Not to make it about me, but I've been to St Catherine's, my brother lives there, and in the summer it's delightful. But the coldest bitch of a place in the Winter when Peart reminisced about playing hockey on that bitter cold lake. So, I got sucked into the Rush Live in Frankfurt video because it's evidence of his meticulous, outrageous skill. I always pooh-poohed people who ooh'd and ahh'd over Peart, til I 'educated myself' and saw it first hand. He was a machine. He left us in January to a final end thankfully, after struggling with brain cancer. I also fished out the song, Lakeside Park in case you wanna see for yourself.