Ron Wood Rescues The Rolling Stones and Caused Twins to Happen at Age 69

He's quite the bloke, not jealous of any of the other guitarists he's worked with including Jeff Beck and lately, Keith Richards. He says he lucked out at the end of his gig with The Faces after Rod Stewart went solo, by getting a 'contractor' job with the Stones. It wasn't until '95 that they realized he should be a Stones 'made man' and paid him accordingly (BTW: Geez are the Stones tight with money)!! Kept his sense of humor, in fact, after picking up the job 45 years ago upon Mick Jones hitting the exits, Ron Wood said he felt like he 'lightened up the room' from the 'dark chasm' where the Stones were at that time. He's an artist, who's displayed his works in galleries around the world. Wrote a book in 2015 about his insane rock star life in the 60's. In an interview with Ron in 2016, he told me he and Rod Stewart used to cut each others' hair, which you'll notice, except for a little product in Rod's, is exactly the same. He got a woman 31 years younger than him pregnant four years ago with twins, and he turns 73 years old today. Whew!!! What a life Ron Wood has celebrated. GIVE HIM HIS DUE!! Happy Birthday Ron Wood!!!