Between the Buns: National Hamburger Day

If hamburgers were finger food, would we eat anything else? But most people can only manage one hamburger at a sitting (and usually one in a day if you're worried about the lbs), so it's not fair that National Hamburger Day is just ONE DAY!! With the ascent of gourmet burgers, it should be the entire month, but I digress. I love burgers in almost any form, from White Castle to all those high end concoctions that come apart at the buns when you bite em. None of the wormy carmelized onions, and no thanks to the making a salad out of slaw and putting it on top nor do I indulge in breakfast and burger: the 'Merican tradition of mashing up an egg on top the noble hamburger. Melty cheese of some non-crumbly description, some good pickles, lettuce for crunch, a tomato maybe and good old Catsup? or is it Ketchup and Mustard. That's my jam. Hope you like the video attached, it's Sean Evans who hosts several great food based shows including First We Feast and Hot Ones which is a hot wings/interview show pitting celebrities against progressively hotter wings. It's fun to see who can handle it (Charlize Theron) and who can't (Kevin Hart). Anyway, Happy Hamburger Day. A bit of a bummer since the Covid 19 lockdown prevented all the burger joints from mugging for plugs with free food for radio DJs!!!