Zep Celebrates Celebration Day Again

The Last Led Zeppelin Concert was 2007 when Robert Plant reluctantly agreed to team up with Page,John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham to celebrate Atlantic Records' Ahmet Ertegun, the genius behind countless artists finding their way into our record collections. If only we could time travel back to that night, realizing that Robert Plant would never again allow himself to be seduced by Page into any form of Zep reunion. Years of taking crap from Page, the genius-snob, over his vocal talents, even to the point of ruminating about replacing him in the early days, seemed to leave Plant with a desire to ghost his old mates when they desired him most. That is, after seeing the power of Zep at the O2 Arena for Celebration Day when 20 million fans applied for tickets in a worldwide lottery. Page, not so creative that he's immune to the almighty dollar had this one chance to reunite his greatest band ever. Backstory aside, the concert began with "Good Times Bad Times" and ended with "Black Dog". You'll wanna catch the replay on their You Tube channel for 3 days starting Saturday at 3p ET.