Happy Birthday Lenny Kravitz Tho He's Probably Too Cool To Celebrate It

It's Lenny's Birthday, he's 56, although he's eminently too cool to acknowledge something as trivial as Earthly years. As if it's not enough to play a sweet axe and write great tunes, Lenny is also a fashion maverick. From his hair to his aviators, scarves as long as he is tall and what appear to be fishing nets worn as a shirt, all the way to the leather pants that malfunctioned to the delight of fangirls in the front row of his show in Sweden, Kravitz is a style icon. Celebrate that moment and the fact that he had to have felt the air up in there, but didn't seem to rattle the rocker one bit. I imagine being Lenny for 56 years is a life lived well beyond any rando human's 56 years, but that cat continues to be cool about it.