Under the Bandanna With Bret Michaels

Earth's most earnest rock star, the perpetually bandanna'd Bret Michaels, on TMZ reacting to the first post Covid concert in Arkansas. Travis McReady, whoever that is, got up there to show us how sad concerts might look with a sparse handful of fans spread out between empty seats. The show, if it looks that puny, must NOT go on! Even rock's version of Ryan Seacrest, Poison's frontman went all in on TMZ to express how much he cares too much for his crew and the fans to have them straggle in to a undersold venue. But extrapolated how it might be done in this Q&A from yesterday. I find Bret's appearances terribly distracting, though, because all I'm ever thinking is: He must have the 'walk-in' closet like some women have for shoes, instead for bandannas and hats. Sorry for being shallow!!