Roger Waters Has One Mood: Furious

Just happened to catch wind of Roger Waters latest beef. He's got old beefs and new beefs. And in between beefs, but this is an old one with a new twist. Roger's mad at the band mates he admits to leaving in '85 in a huff. Then leaving again later. And yet he wonders why they don't put any of his re-mixes of Pink Floyd's material on the official Pink Floyd website. He's also miffed that David Gilmour doesn't seem to much care how angry he is. And he sounds jelly over Mrs Gilmour's book touting and other postings on the Floyd website. Its a lengthy diatribe from Rog, with a very muffled mic that sounds like it may be down his standard black tee shirt, but maybe worth the watch to see that everybody acts like a baby and has tantrums. Maybe a good idea not to record it on your phone and then post it. Just sayin!!