Vedman And The Worm

Just when you think you have nothing in common with someone, the internet reveals the unlikely seeming friendship between Dennis Rodman and Eddie Vedder. Unlikely? Why? Well, Eddie's a 90's Grunge God and Dennis is...uhhhh you know, Dennis. The maker of "The Last Dance" says he's like trying to interview a feral cat. And his podcast, "On The Rebound"? Anyway, Dennis does have people who mellow him out and one of them is Eddie Vedder. Vedman telling the tale of his friendship and adventures with D-Rod in Vegas. And Rodman recently recounted how he ordered Kim Jong Un's 88 piece hot girl band to learn some Pearl Jam tunes for his next visit to North Korea. So, being buds with the Worm has it's advantages. Anyway, enjoy the not quite a Ted Talk with Ed.