The Deed The Doors Did After Getting Dumped By Their Record Company

What have you done between jobs? I was a bank teller, a phone operator, and a maid and only one of those professions is still really necessary, I'll let you be the judge of which. But we all have backstories. Like back in the '60's The Doors got dumped from their recording contract at Columbia Records and landed an interim gig at Parthenon Pictures, one of those studios that produced training films for industry. They set up in a little studio and spontaneously played a backing track for the ridickalously 60's film for Ford. Some of the parts they played underneath the terrible acting were later turned into tunes like "The Soft Parade", but you really have to listen past the atrocious screenplay going on in the film. Anyway, thought to have been lost forever, and good riddance from the POV of The Doors surviving members, it was discovered in a film vault at UCLA. Pretty interesting production, and thanks FoMoCo for keeping The Doors alive thru their lean days!!