Dennis Rodman's Brain Needs a Reset Button

Lot of Dennis Rodman news lately. There's the 'Last Dance' episode where we got to see the Dennis who at some point in his career could focus and play like a mo fo, but most of the time Dennis' brain is like the bird that gets trapped in your house accidentally and just freak flies back and forth til you catch it and heave it outside again. D-Rod, who just celebrated his birthday, spent some time in Vegas and dropped by Mike Tyson's sweet ass podcast clubhouse. While Rodman's couple's counseling podcast 'On The Rebound' is wildly chaotic, he managed to tame his brain in a thoughtful way with Tyson's calming influence. Iron Mike exuding zen with an old school doobie clenched in one of those millon dollar fists, and one of his CBD water products near to the other hand. If you're in the mood to get deeeeeep, it's worth the listen. Check it out, 'Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson'. BTW it gives me a thrill when Mike gives Detroit a shoutout. Oh, and Rodman concedes that he and Kim Jung Un in North Korea, Dennis' dictator brother from another mother, invited him out for a night of vodka and girl band hotties. D-Rod didn't like their limited selection of tunes (Theme song from Dallas) and demanded they learn some good stuff, including Pearl Jam and Van Halen. Next trip to NK, the 18 piece Hottie Band performed them all. If you've got nothing but time, it's worth checking out coherent Dennis.