Kurt Cobain's Man Who Sold The World Guitar To Be Sold

It's an acoustic guitar whose body felt the fingers of a master who changed the world of rock n roll. Played most famously on the set of MTV's Unplugged '93, when Kurt Cobain strummed the haunting "Man Who Sold The World" on it, it then went into it's battered case. Only to re-emerge on the Julian's Auction House You Tube Channel hawked for all takers. All on account of bad choices. Kurt and Courtney Love's daughter Frances Bean Cobain, heir to her father's multi million dollar Nirvana fortune, married a dipshit, who after divorcing Frances, sued his mother-in-law for attempted murder (well, it IS Courtney Love) and possession of that treasured family heirloom. The three scrapped it out in court, but seems like the ex-SOB-in-law has emerged triumphant, because that one in a million '59 Martin acoustic will be sold at auction in June. I kinda hope Dave Grohl buys it because it would be back in Kurt's band 'family' plus, it would infuriate Courtney all over again.