Rush Tribute to Jerry "Heidi" Stiller

You'd have to be a member of an exclusive club to have seen the videos of Jerry Stiller in the walk-on videos for the band Rush. Reserved for those with the nerve to know the real truth behind the lyrics "Be Cool or be Cast out.." Rush fans channeled power of three guys who were at one time cast out themselves, and thronged arenas every time the band came through to rescue them from the 'Subdivisions' of our existence. Rush put together some pretty surreal videos to amp the fans at their shows, and Jerry Stiller was all in to provide the comic glue that pulled all those images together. In tribute to him, Geddy has released those videos again. In one of them, Stiller wears platinum pigtails and roars, "Don't Call Me Heidi!!" (You had to be there!!) Hope it head trips you back to whichever show you attended. A fan since "Finding My Way", I somehow couldn't find my way to a show until Detroit. So THANK YOU DETROIT for being my Spirit Guide to Live Rush. And dammit how Jerry Stiller hasn't been making me laugh through the tears since he departed Earth on Sunday.