Jerry Stiller Inventor of Festivus4The Best of Us Leaves us Wanting More

It's not all about me, but I met Jerry Stiller at one of those NBC promo junkets in LA in the late 90's and was thrilled that a guy who'd spent the last several decades playing the id on Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin James TV comedy vehicles, was a sweet guy, serious and lovely. But the alter-ego in the form of Frank Costanza and later Arthur Spooner has given us so much pop-culture moments. Festivus for the rest of us? That's still celebrated every year by faithful fans, who have to alert me via Twitter, but always makes me smile. And the Stop Short move? How many guys learned it from Frank? Serenity now??? I hope so, because of all the characters on Seinfeld, I loved his explosive rage comedy best. He was in a group of comics of similar cache like Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks who never relented at plying their trade. And he honored the comedic maxim: Always leave them wanting more. We want more. He will be missed. RIP Jerry Stiller.