Double Rainbow Guy Goes Viral One Last Time

In the Death Triangle of this past weekend with brilliant performers Little Richard and Jerry Stiller, is an outlier: Double Rainbow Guy. He was the beginning of the personalities defined by their weird viral videos on the internet like Chocolate Rain Guy, Leave Brittany Alone Guy and Tron Guy. All 'guys' now wearing black armbands for their colleague Paul Vasquez. In 2010, the former California firefighter, Long Haul Trucker and one time Cage Fighter, discovered the zen of Yosemite and of course, the double er...possibly triple rainbow. I remember seeing that viral video and thinking, "How High is this guy?" from my snarky POV doing news on the Drew & Mike Show. But Vasquez childlike wonder seems enviable looking back at his life and the multitude of good he'd done throughout it. When the beauty of Yosemite seized Paul Vasquez, he was a volunteer firefighter in the spectacular National Park, protecting the cows, the trees and the people so they could find a similar space to clear their heads in the beauty of the world. Last heard from May 5th after complaining of shortness of breath and a fever, the viral video hero was going in for a Covid 19 test, when the virus claimed him. Cheers Paul Vasquez. I'm glad we will relive the Double Rainbow and get lost in the childlike awe you inspired.