One Man's Menace is Another Mantis' Meal

I remember when I first heard about Murder Hornets, on top of everything else, it felt like we were in an especially long unfun episode of the Twilight Zone. But at least in the case of the murdering two inch stinging bitches that made their debut in the Pacific Northwest earlier this month after hitchhiking to America aboard a ship, GAME OVER!! Etymologists, unlike the researchers struggling to understand the 'Rona, have that frickin' Murder Hornet all figured out. Firstly? They're Thirsty. They love them their sweet drinks just like the yellow menace, yellow jackets. They baited a bunch of traps with the ingrediants for a Mimosa, OJ and wine and got the hornet invaders drunk, at which point they fall in the puddle they're sippin' from and drown!! Alcohol: The Cause of and Solution to All of Life's Problems, to quote the wiseman. Then, somebody got the idea to unleash the beast. The Kick Ass Cranium Munching Mantis Brigade. Like a horde of insect berserkers, they snatch, clamp and while the measly Murder Hornet tries in vain to sting, EAT THEIR BRAINS OUT like guac!! For extra LOL's this video is narrated like an UFC match and is great satisfying watching over and over as Preying Mantises prove what badasses they are. Enjoy and HA HA Murder Hornets, you thought you were so metal!!! Meet your Match.