WTF??!! Now We Gotta Fight These Guys???

Not THAT Hornet!! Murder Hornets!! Different from regular angry American Hornets. These are horrible flying winged things that measure in at 2", tho expect that to change when they've munched down our delicious American honeybees!!! The hideous insects hopped aboard a shipment from Japan, where they reportedly kill 50 people a year with stingers that penetrate through a beekeepers suit. Magnified pictures of these monsters, show their furious merciless faces sporting giant choppers that eat honeybee heads off, then chew the thorax (aren't you impressed how much 7th grade bio i still remember?) into a meatball which they fly home to their ugly, wormy babies. Beekeepers come home to find the entire beehive full of headless empty shells of bee drones.

It's my worst nightmare since I've done personal battle with regular hornets for several years for building their crappy pinata death star nests outside of my house, then stinging me for not seeing THEM!! If they want me to see them while trimming the bushes too close to their evil HQ, why do they blend in? Hot Tip: Fighting them required the hornet long distance spray, a fireplace lighter and one of those long distance branch cutters. Careful not to set the house on fire. BTW after The War of the Firebushes, within hours the regular American Hornets were rebuilding, so time to strap on your mask and stock up on Hornet Spray cause the Murder Hornets are coming for us!!