BRIAN JOHNSON Delivers 'Ride On' Message To AC/DC Fans Amid Pandemic

Brian Johnson, delivered a special video message to the virtual Bonfest audience, assuring them that the event — which takes place in the Scottish town of Kirriemuir — will be back "bigger and better" in 2021.

Brian said: "Hey everybody. I know you're all disappointed that the Bonfest is not going to be on this year, but as you know, this virus has got everything pretty screwed up. But I'm sure it will be back next year bigger and better and we can all go and celebrate our favorite singer's life.

"I've got nothing much to say except the fact that I'm as bored as all you are. I just want to get out there. Keep tight, stay safe and we'll see you all again. As Bon would have said, 'Ride on. 'We'll see you then."