Prince Slays Guitar@George Harrison's R&R HOF Induction Ceremony Must See

It was 2004, at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions. It was George Harrison's year and the organizer of the ceremony along with Harrison's widow, Olivia, invited Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn and Steve Winwood to perform "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" for the jam session. I've heard from some, that Olivia wasn't sure about inviting Prince, but who knows, all that matters is he was brought in to pay tribute to Harrison. Prince was a fan, but needed the organizer to send him the song, so he could download it into that amazing mind of his. Night of the performance, Jeff Lynn had been hogging all the solo segments of the song during rehearsals, and Prince was having technical difficulties with his feed. Nobody was sure if he'd even show up to the real deal. Then suddenly there he was, side stage and the show went on. Oh, bro did it ever!!!! Prince strummed along with the other famous guitars for most of the song, then delivered three minutes of the most blazing shredding ever visited on a guitar and when he hit his final stroke, threw the guitar into the air over his head and walked off. In the NY Times review of that evening, stagehands speculated that Prince's guitar never seemed to land after he launched it, superstitiously speculating that George himself, caught it. Pulling off both an epic tribute to George, and one of the coolest mic-drop type stage moves in the history of The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Whenever I re-watch this video, i realize my face has just burst into a huge smile. Because it's one of the moments that the Stones so casually described as, "It's Only Rock n Roll, but I like it" Enjoy! And enjoy the tribute Let's Go Crazy for Prince on the anniversary of his death today in 2016.Tonight on CBS-TV 9p. Foo Fighters will do 2 songs including Darling Nikki and Gary Clark Jr and Beck will also pay homage to the Purple One!