Door to Door Pints!! Just what the doctor ordered!

Leave it to the Irish to solve the problem of social distancing from the Pub. If you can't go to the Pub, the Pub will come to you in South Belfast. The Hatfield House pivoted like lightening after St Patrick's day, facing the impending lockdown, they outfitted a van with Guinness on tap and go door to door delivering deliciously and perfectly poured pints. In the proper Guinness Pint Glass. Pretty good problem solving for the Hatfield House, but they're not noobs having occupied the same turf since the 18 hundreds. Not the oldest pub in Ireland, that honor falling to the indestructible Sean's which was founded in 900 AD. Serving a product that was first brewed in 1759. My point being, they've handled a few rando plagues and viruses hell bent on world destruction, and here they are!! Delivering very civilized pints to picturesque village doorsteps all over Belfast. Slainte Agatsa! To your health!