Paul Stanley's Panties in a Bunch about The New Abnormal

So, I saw this story on our prep sheet services entitled "Starchild Seethes" but i couldn't have predicted how funny without meaning to be this YouTube Vid is of Paul Stanley from his podcast trying to connect up with soft music's favorite son, Richard (Pick a fight) Marx. First the business of figuring out how to 'see' each other in their videoconference reminds me of the bit from Saturday Night Live about your Easter Dinner Zoom get together with Grandma and the fam. Both these guys are in the business of recording music for how many years? Possibly 140 between the two? Didn't either of them stay current on technology? OK, maybe that's not fair, but do neither have millennial children who can help out?

Second, the game of checking out their 'backgrounds'. Paul Stanley's home decor, despite being made on the black leather-clad back of the 'Starchild' is very French Provincial with gold filigree furniture. Marx surrounding himself in white walls and white furniture with a poster of Marilyn on the wall in the background. The two commiserate about the shape we're in as a country, in at least for Paul, what seems like some pretty safe space in a glam home that KISS built with a net worth, as of April of $150 M. Not that both musicians haven't worked hard, but I guess I'd rather hear them announcing where they're donating money to help the people who glom to their shows for 50 years. As of today, BTW, KISS still keeping the ticket money in the vault, in case there will still be a show at DTE September 11. Wheels will keep you posted. Enjoy!