I'm Going To Binge Watch Ham

Easter was yesterday and although I realize these are weird times and we're not celebrating as we normally would, I hope everyone had a great day with their families...and ham. Lots of ham. I look forward to the Easter season if only for the luscious, salty, pink meat formation...ham. As of Monday morning, I've had ham for four consecutive meals and I plan on making Split Pea soup w/...you guessed it. It's like my Mt. Everest, why did I eat it? Because it's there. Throw in some scalloped potatoes, corn, rolls and my wife's spinach pie and I would put Easter dinner up against any other holiday feast. Even Thanksgiving (yeah, I said it)

What is your gorge-tastic food? What is the one food item you could eat in multiple consecutive sit-downs?

Oink, oink!