Birthday Hero Shares Life Saving Gear With Beaumont Wayne

Got an e mail from a Drew & Mike Show listener in Canton who's son has been spending the lockdown demonstrating to the 'adults' how to get into gear and start helping. Eric writes:" I wanted to brag about my son, who has been making face shields and mask ear protectors with our 3D printer for a couple weeks now. He donated his first batch to Beaumont yesterday on his 13th birthday." Turns out Eric's soccer coach is the cheif at Beaumont Wayne Hospital and wanted to do something for Coach. It;s one of those moments when you realize sometimes you have to see it through the eyes of a 13 year old. Who knows there's a need for things he knows how to do!! Thanks Eric for listening since the early 90's, Keep It Stiff and thanks for the inspirational story. And naturally, thanks to your son who rather than mope about that his birthday is 'cancelled' by Covid 19, ingeniously jumped into action to make a difference.