Diamond Dave's Glam Wardrobe Mothballed Along with Vegas Act

Until the tour with KISS, The flashy former singer of Van Halen has no shows at the House Of Blues in Vegas to work on his signature high kicks because of Coronavirus. That means all of those ornate jackets that look like he bought them at the Mall at Chico's, stay in Dave's closet. I happened to look him up when Mike Wagner phoned Dave's solo hit "Just Like Paradise" in for one of my Deep Cuts and discovered that, even tho the Strip's lights have dimmed on Dave's Just a Gigolo act, that 5Thousand Watt toothy grin has not. Nor has he updated his web page to acknowledge the cancellations, because it's just too damn entertaining to just go there and watch the videos of him hammin' it up on stage. One more lockdown distraction!!