The Day Geoff Tate Ended the Era of Two Queensryches

On Aug. 30, 2014, 14 songs into their performance at Tailgater’s Sports Bar in Bolingbrook, Ill., the band named QueensrycheStarringGeoff Tatetook a short break while the audience was still applauding their take on Queensryche's 1990 song “Empire.”

“Hey, guess what? This is our last show as Queensryche tonight,” the singer announced. “We can no longer use the name or the Tri Ryche symbol, so I’m going to cut this from my belt right now.”

He lifted up the emblem he’d been associated with for 34 years, looked at it for a moment and said “goodbye” before putting it away. Turning to the audience, he asked, “One more?” and his band broke into “Eyes of a Stranger.”

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