Whose Dog is Barking in Jane's Addictions Been Caught Stealing

Ever wonder whose dog is barking in 'Been Caught Stealing' just as Dave Navarro rips into the opening of the song? It goes into the category of unintended noises in songs like the piano smush at the beginning of 'Roxanne' which was Sting's butt's solo moment. The lid was up on the piano in the studio and he went to sit on it just as the song began. Or the throat clearing at the beginning of Jet's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'. So, when i was playing 'Been Caught Stealing', out of curiosity I looked it up. Perry Farrell's dog Annie's cameo was not originally part of the song. He'd brought her to the studio that day and she was a good dog up til she saw him put headphones on to sing, and laid her voice track down on the beginning. When they played it back, they realized it enhanced the track, so they kept it. And now I can't imagine hearing it any other way.