Why Queen’s Comeback With Paul Rodgers Didn't Fit

it was a mismatch, since Rodgers' R&B style was miles away from Queen's super-sized pop.

They then entered the studio for The Cosmos Rocks, It wasn't a complete disaster, as long as you didn't come into it expecting Queen....

Released on Oct. 14, 2008,The Cosmos Rocks represents a shift toward grittier and less glamorous grooves. Free from the classics he sang on the road, Rodgers sounds more comfortable here. Meanwhile, May proves once again to be an utterly malleable presence on the guitar.

The Cosmos Rocks doesn't take enough chances, and the soulful, more direct Rodgers is a different performer than Mercury. That's why the album was credited to "Queen + Paul Rodgers.

Still a great piece of music for any music fan.....

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