Lions Offensive Line Celebrates With Doughnuts

Los Angeles Chargers v Detroit Lions

The Lions 13-10 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers was due in part to the excellent play of their offensive line. They kept QB Matthew Stafford safe all game long. The Chargers’ Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa are both Pro Bowlers and couldn't manage even one sack between them Sunday afternoon. In fact, the Chargers had only one QB hit all afternoon.

Truly, a great job by the Lions O line, so how did they celebrate? Right tackle Rick Wagner said Monday, "We’ll have doughnuts tomorrow."...That's awesome! Own it, Boys! You're big fellas and deserve whatever the hell you want to eat!

Reminds me of the old SNL bit with John Belushi, where he trains for the Olympics with "Little Chocolate Donuts"

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