GEDDY LEE Says It's Hard To Say If He Could Make Music With Another Drummer

The only news Geddy Lee has about his next musical project is that he still doesn't have a plan. But he does expect it will be a familiar sound to what Rush fans are accustomed.

The bassist and front man has spent the years since his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band last performed becoming an author, having released his Big Beautiful Book of Bass this past December. So while he hasn't been plotting a new album or a concert tour, he's been playing a lot of music and thinking about music almost daily while he amassed his collection of vintage basses and guitars for his book."I don't know where I'm headed musically," Lee explained. "... I feel like I'm in a position to truly clear the deck and hit the reset button, and see what I have to say musically. I need to give myself time to experiment with that and see what comes out that I feel strong enough to be a worthy thing to do next. I have no idea where that's going to take me."