The Most Underrated Guitarist On The Planet

Rush In Concert

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson turned 66 on August 27th and although Rush doesn't tour anymore, and by all accounts, never will again, AL can hopefully get the respect he so richly deserves! Sure, other musicians absolutely acknowledge Alex's guitar prowess but to the average music fan, he's the guitarist in that band with the guy with the whiny voice. (Heretics!)

Heads up, here comes the 'Bold Statement' portion of this blog...I contend that Alex Lifeson is a better guitarist than Jimmy Page...(Insert cricket sound effect here). But I truly believe this. Page is obviously one of the greatest rock guitarists ever but he's a sloppy player. Listen to Led Zeppelin live and you'll see what I mean.

Check out a band firing on all three cylinders but pay special attention to Alex Lifeson's solo in this Freewill live video.

Top 5 - Hendrix, Van Halen, Clapton, SRV, Alex Lifeson...there, it's settled. I await your rebuttals.

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