Roger Waters Reunites With Pink Floyd's Nick Mason At NYC Concert

Roger Waters surprised fans in New York City Thursday night when he reunited with drummer Nick Mason during Mason's tribute to Pink Floyd's early material.

Waters performed "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" from Pink Floyd's 1968 Saucerful of Secrets album with Mason's band.

Waters also related a story to the audience about Pink Floyd's first New York City show, and the trials of Mason's first gong, which was a staple of the band's psychedelic period.

"I remember I used to, in the middle of the show, hurl an empty whiskey glass at it," Waters recalled. "And the glass was empty because I had drunk the whiskey, as we did, back in the old days."

While Waters and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour have a notably frosty relationship, he and Mason have remained close in the years since Pink Floyd's last reunion concert. Waters also appeared with Mason's Saucerful of Secrets, during one of the band's first shows in early 2018.

"I'm so happy to be here, playing with Nick," Waters added. "We're very, very close old friends. ... Loving the show, by the way, Nick. My considered opinion is that you sounded a lot better than we did back in the day."

Waters left the stage after the song was over, returning to take a bow at the end of the set and giving Mason a hug.

Mason has been taking his band across North America all spring. Saucerful of Secrets has a few more U.S. dates before the end of its tour. You can see them here.

While the Pink Floyd drummer said recently he thinks it's unlikely Waters' and Gilmour's relationship will thaw anytime soon, Mason added that he's open and ready for a reunion if anything were to change.

Photo: Getty Images

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