Detroit Pistons Expectations On The 2018-19 NBA Season.

The Pistons have some high expectations as a team this upcoming season and that is starting with actually making the playoffs. New Pistons head coach Dwane Casey, is looking to bring a more positive approach to the team unlike his predecessor Stan Van Gundy, who put a ton of pressure on the guys each day and night out. Casey wants run a more upbeat tempo offense and let guys like Drummond to actually shoot some three pointers during a game. This off-season, Andre Drummond has really been working on his three point shot which would be an absolute who huge addition to his offensive game and would stretch the floor tremendously. Blake Griffin finally spent an off-season working on his own game and not having to worry rehab an injury. Also, getting more familiar with his teammates and the new additions. Reggie Jackson is fully healthy according to the team and he spent time this summer working with former Pistons strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kader, who is consulting with the team which has benefited Reggie in a big way. The most important factor heading into the new season will be if everyone can they stay healthy for majority of the season? If so, we should be looking at a squad that can compete for home court advantage in a playoff series. The time is now for the Pistons to compete in the East as team owner Tom Gores and Senior Advisier Ed Stefanski have stated they wanna do so. Let's hope for a more positive and fun year for the Pistons and get a lot more consistency as well. 


Photos: Getty Images 


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