AJR Helps This Couple Get Engaged!

These lucky two are now engaged thanks to the guys from AJR for allowing this to take place on stage in front of a sold-out crowd. I give major props to anyone who has the guts to do this with a ton of people watching and a lot of pressure hoping you get a "yes" and not a "no." Luckily for this girl, her significant other did not say no and didn't make this whole proposal a big waste of time. Would you be comfrotable enough to ever do such a thing like this? I know I would be very nervous and feel super on the edge knowing I could get shut down just because of the nerve racking situation we both would be in. However, that's the risk you have to take sometimes if you wanna stand out and do different kind of things, and have new experiences. I'm glad to see bands allowing these kind of things to take place at their shows and I really hope this continues moving forward as it allows an intimacy that is unmatched. Now, let's just hope this wasn't all for show and these two actually stay engaged and have a healthy and happy relationship together moving forward.   


Photo: Getty Images


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