Jack White Appears On Jimmy Fallon!

Jack White made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night and they discussed a numerous of things. First, about his new album 'Boarding House Reach' and how that came about. Then about being an Altar boy growing up and how Jimmy Fallon shared the same expereince as well. Fallon brought out the book "we're going to be friends" which is a song that Jack actually wrote, and was told how Fallon's kids sang it in choir and really impressed Jack by hearing that. Jack White went into detail about who will be in his touring band with and what instruments they will be playing and such, which you can tell how much passion and thought was put into this tour and I'm sure Jack can't wait to play here in Detroit in less than a week! Also, note worth that they will be on the road for two tweeks, then take two weeks off which Jack says he has been doing that since his kids were little, so he got to spend time with them growing up. With the new record, you could probably hear some old school style of music writing as Jack said that's what they really went for in this album and he even recorded on tapes and would play the recording back and forth to work on any detail he may have missed. Watch the two videos below to give you some really cool insight on all of this and more! 


Photo: Getty Images


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