Did Gavin Rossdale Wanna Be A Frontman Like Scott Weiland?

Scott Weiland had a tremendous influnce in the early 90's on how certain singer's for bands would approach on how they look and even sound in some cases. The way Scott would dance around on stage and just have that "image" to him was the kind of luck that fit perfectly in the 90's and early 2000's. In a new Interview on the Adam Carolla's podcast, Gavin was asked if he wanted to be just like Scott? This was his response:

"For me he was a great frontman. As another frontman, I’ve got to say he was great.”

"I could never rock those big fluffy scarves. That was all his own, but it’s inspiring. If anything now with music, which is bigger and better than ever, maybe it doesn’t have the most superstars, so when you see real frontmen, I like it. I feel old fashioned like that, I like a strong frontperson and a great band. STP is the perfect example of that, incredible band, incredible frontmen. Jeff has a lot to live up to.”

Yes, new frontman Jeff Gutt has a lot to live up to now that he is the voice of Stone Temple Pilots. Gavin brings up an interesting point saying that when you see a real frontman, you wanna take advantage of checking that person out and kinda just get to know why they wear what they do, or even how they sound on stage. In my opinion though, Gavin already has a solid stage presence with the looks and the way he performs in front of live crowds. Will be a great time seeing Stone Temple Pilots and Bush share the same stage later in the summer!

Hear the whole Interview here: https://youtu.be/l1tz3TvCqjI

Photo: Getty Images

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