Moving Forward Without Chester Bennington.

Mike Shinoda and the rest of the band members have been asked this question ever since the death of Chester Bennington, will you guys still tour as Linkin Park? Who will be the replacement singer? Etc. This can be a tough question to answer when you sometimes just don't have a for sure response set in stone. In a new Interview with Vulture MagazineShinoda discusses this topic by saying: 

"I’m unable to say what will happen with the band. There’s really just no answer, and it’s funny because if I even say anything about the band’s future, that becomes the headline, which is stupid because the answer is there is no answer. Fans think they want to know what the future is: Believe me, I want to know what the answer is. But there just isn’t one. What I do know is that, for the immediate future, this thing I’m doing couldn’t be more important for me personally." 

As you can see, this is a very tough topic for Shinoda talk about as he doesn't have a clear cut answer at this very moment. The good thing though is that he is releasing new music this year and down below you can listen to one of his new tracks called "Crossing A Line." You will be able to tell this is a very heartfelt written song with intent to share his full emotions and current state of mind. 

Mike Shinoda's full Interview with Vulture Magazine:

Photo: Getty Images



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