What Caused Nice Inch Nails To Hate Eachother?!

In a more recent Interview with BBC, frontman for Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor went into detail and discussed what caused the band to burn out and have tension with each other. He states that "What we started experimenting with last year was rather than the traditional Nine Inch Nails kind of career span has been disappear for several years, make an album, come out and then tour for anywhere from a year to two years in a stretch. Then the burn out, hate each other, disappear for awhile, repeat the process. See if anybody still cares. What we’ve sort of pivoted into experimenting with was kind of staying in a mode where we’re always ready to play, and recording at the same time. It also kind of reflects our lifestyle as family people as well." Trent makes an interesting point on how you need to have a set schedule on the road and keep yourself busy. As I'm sure you would be driving yourself crazy to just do the same routine every day and as a musician, you need to keep things very fresh mentally and physicially to live the tour life. Hope for better things to come for Nine Inch Nails in the future! 

Photo: Getty Images


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