Will Jeff Gutt Use Scott Weiland's Famous Megaphone?

In a recent interivew with the Detroit News, Jeff Gutt was asked if he would ever use a megaphone on tour or in a album recording setting. Gutt stated "That's sacred with him" meaning, he doesn't wanna take away from what Scott Weiland did while he was fronting the band. So no, he will not be using the megaphone at all but still expect to hear some similarities in the voices as Gutt has said "There’s nothing preconceived, and I don’t go up there to do an impression of Scott, I try to feel the music as best I can, and if there’s little hints of Scott here or there, then I see that as a good thing.” As you may have heard from the new album that just came out, you can hear some similar ways on how Gutt's voice sounds compared to Weiland's voice on the new record. This isn't a bad thing as that is the kind of style that fits Stone Temple Pilots best, but you also want the singer to have his own style of doing things as well and not just be a complete copy cat following his predecessor. The megaphone did play a role somewhat in Jeff getting the vocal gig as he said "On the day he received a phone call that he got the gig, he was living in a house share in Los Angeles. He ducked into a laundry room to take the call in private, and as he was hearing the news, he glanced down at the floor and saw a megaphone sitting next to the washing machine.“I felt like that was Scott’s way of giving me a little nod". 

That is a really cool insight on how Weiland was looking down on Gutt as he was accepting his former job. Check out the FULL interview down below.  


Photo: Getty Images


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