How Exactly Do Stone Temple Pilots Feel About Billy Corgan?

Jeff Gutt and Robert DeLeo were recently interviewed by Chris Jericho on his show Talk Is Jericho. He had asked Jeff and Robert on their thoughts about Billy Corgan and here is what they had to say about him according to (Alternative Nation). Robert stated that "Billy Corgan, I love Smashing Pumpkins. A great band, and Billy is a very, very talented individual." Corgan called Scott Weiland one of the best voices of his generation, along with Kurt Cobain and Lanye Staley. Gutt stated that "Just as a fan sitting from the outside, to me with the glam thing, the Grunge had to happen. The glam thing was all about fun and partying, and the glitz and the glam, and when Grunge came out it was really real and really raw. There was something about that, that really attracted people that were dealing with real problems. It wasn’t about partying.” As you can tell, they have a great espect for what the Smashing Pumpkins did for the music industry during that time period in thr 90's and even beyond from that as well. I'm sure for someone like Corgan to post a tribute about Scott Weiland when he died, really hit home with them and wanted them to continute on making music for the fans. 

Photo: Getty Images


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