Soundgarden Will Be Releasing Something Cool This Year!

It has been announced that Soundgarden will reissue their A-sides Greatest Hits collection on Record Store Day, happening on April 21st. It will be a vinyl release, and will only have 5,000 copies for sale. This is the first thing to be released from the band since Chris Cornell's passing of last year and you can expect a ton of fans to jump on this rare collectors item right as soon it is on sale for purchase. There will be new photos to see with this vinyl release, a long with older ones being refined as well according to Kim Thayil. Thayil also said (according to alternative nation) in a February 1998 interview with Guitar World, “I think the songs accurately reflect the history of Soundgarden as a marketable commodity. And they reflect the songs that we wrote which were popular with the radio stations that played them, to the record company that sold them, to the fans that bought them. There are a few songs that are missing from the list and I think if the band itself did a retrospective it might be a little less appealing.” Times have obvioulsy changed and this is the right moment in the band's career for this to be released with Cornell's death. 

Photo: Getty Images


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